Nike Air VaporMax

The Nike Air VaporMax is one of the most revolutionary sneakers to have ever been made. Since its launch on Air Max Day, we’ve delivered brand strategy, art direction and digital content that have made Air VaporMax a global phenomenon.

The Task

Is it a running shoe or a lifestyle sneaker? Nike asked us to create a new stylistic direction that would bridge the gap between performance and lifestyle and express the daring innovation that’s at Air VaporMax’s core.

Adventure Is Calling

The setup wasn’t easy to pull off. It took a full day to build. The payoff, however, was worth it. Our content posted to and a host of global Nike-owned social accounts and wholesale accounts. Then, it was shared across the world, which led to additional content needs that we delivered on throughout the month, sustaining the world-wide Nike Air VaporMax revolution.

Ground Zero

The Air VaporMax's never-been-done-before tech and and never-been-seen-before style demanded a bold new creative approach. We took inspiration from cities and focused in on urban nexus points where performance, street style and city culture mix.

Our Direction

Urban explorers connect the scenes and cultures of cities at nexus points. Their movements between work, side hustles and meetups is the stitching that holds together the diverse patchwork of city-culture. These agents of swagger would be our muse. To capture their look on film, we scoured our city for nexus points that communicated urban explorers’ ethos. Then, we pieced together urban explorer outfits that pushed the aesthetic of city runners forward. We shot in 8 locations throughout the city. Each piece of content was styled to match the feel of the account to which it would post -, Nike Women's, Nike Sportswear and a host of global wholesalers.

Multiple Angles

To capture Air VaporMax’s innovative soul, we sourced technology that was as innovative as the content we sought to create. Using a custom built 16-camera rig, we shot the product in-motion at sixteen different angles, keeping our shooting style true to the next-level-ness of Air VaporMax’s style.

Bridging Two Identities

Our concept redefined the modern runner as a street smart athlete with one foot in rooted in performance and the other in city style. This provided a fresh take on Air VaporMax’s global ‘Air to Move You Forward,’ campaign and personified the sneaker’s soul.

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