Twitter R.S.V.P. and The Draw

Twitter R.S.V.P and The Draw provide premium shopping experiences to consumers seeking limited, high-heat Nike releases.

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Nike’s Global Brand Innovation Team asked us for technology that would make all-night waits for limited release sneakers obsolete. We built Twitter R.S.V.P., a first-of-its-kind, industry-rocking social ordering system that made camping out for kicks extinct.

Leave Your Sleeping Bag and Folding Chair at Home

Twitter R.S.V.P simplified the sneaker game. Want to get your hands on the latest drop? Just DM Nike with your size and a hashtag and, like magic, your pair is ready for pickup at your preferred Nike store. No more campouts. No more hassles. You have your weekends back.

Twitter R.S.V.P rocked the industry. It even surprised Silicon Valley - Twitter told us they hadn’t seen anything like it before. Competitors scrambled to imitate, hack and game our tech, but by the time they launched competing products, we were already on to the next.

Wow. That Escalated Quickly.

Twitter Reserve was rad, but it was just the beginning. Post-launch, our strategy, tech and design teams began to brainstorm a more robust, enterprise platform that incorporated Twitter R.S.V.P’s best features but could be rolled-out globally. The Draw is that system.

The Draw

The Draw is an all-in-one platform Nike uses to manage it’s most-hyped global product launches. It you’re wearing a pair of Jordan 11’s you’ve used it. Like Twitter R.S.V.P., The Draw was the first of its kind. While technically complex and beefy enough to support a global user base, The Draw provides a seamless shopping experience. Just click on a Nike Tweet, enter the drawing with your Nike ID, and get the freshest kicks sent to your door.

Like its predecessor, The Draw changed the shoe game, but by giving sneakerheads across the globe equal access to Nike’s hottest heat, it pushed the industry even further. This helped guide Nike’s global launch strategy and influenced other Nike projects, such as the Nike SNKRS app.

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